Light Language Software
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Current version: 5.1,14
Mac Users - You want to run the Light Language software on a Mac.
You may install your copy of the LL software on any of your computers for your use.
Examples: your laptop and desktop or your new laptop and your old one. Each computer has its
own unique unlock code. Thus if you have two computers you will need two unlock codes.
The software is only available if you have taken or signed up for the class.
Choose what you would like to do
Upgrade to version 5 - You have version 4 or earlier of one of the LL software programs and want to upgrade to version 5.
Purchase LL2 or LL3 software - You have taken LL2 and want to purchase the software. Or you already have the LL2 software and want to purchase the LL3 software.
Re-install the software - You need to download and re-install your LL software. Perhaps you got a new computer or your hard disk crashed, or you re-formatted your hard drive or something similar.
Add-ons - You are requesting the Free add-ons for your LL software. Current add-ons are available for these classes: Advanced Principles of Light Language (AP), the Eternal Mobius (EMO) and the Catalan Solids (CS). To receive an add-on you need to have taken or are taking the class.
Contact Us - You want to send us an email.